Outpatient Detox

What is outpatient detox? Outpatient detox is a term used to describe certain method of treatment offered at drug detoxification centers. Outpatient detox treatments at drug detox clinics are for individuals who find themselves struggling with substance abuse. Outpatient detox involves the patient traveling to and from their detox clinic for medications to help subdue cravings and withdrawal symptoms and for the participation in various therapy and counseling sessions. People deciding to turn to a detox center for help generally have reached a severe level of addiction. Because of this fact, it is usually recommended that a patient enroll in an inpatient detox program as opposed to an outpatient detox program. Inpatient programs are safer and generally prove more effective but if a patient feels they cannot or will not undergo a drug cleansing in this way, they may choose the outpatient detox option instead. Drug addiction is a difficult thing to overcome and several factors may lead a user to choose the outpatient detox program.

Addicts who experience only minor or moderate withdrawal symptoms and/or have a supportive network of friends and family close by are generally better candidates for outpatient detox programs. Outpatient detox is also less expensive, which can be a big factor for many people. There are several drawbacks to outpatient detox, unfortunately. It is easier to acquire drugs and relapse into substance abuse. A patient can easily choose to neglect their counseling and therapy sessions and may continue to be surrounded by stressful life circumstances that may have pushed them or kept them in the habit of using drugs as a means of coping. The benefit of maintaining one’s freedom often comes with a hefty price. If an individual does not have the self discipline, commitment, or support to undergo an outpatient detox, they may want to reconsider choosing the outpatient detox option.

If, however, a patient is not at risk for severe withdrawal complications outpatient detox could be a doable option. Outpatient detox patients may deal with the detoxification process better if their day to day lives are not heavily interrupted. This is yet another thing to take into consideration when deciding to do an outpatient detox. Medical professionals at an outpatient detox center can help determine which patients would most benefit from an outpatient detox and patients for whom an outpatient detox would be more harmful than helpful.

Is Outpatient Right for You

In summation, outpatient detox is not for every addict. Details of an outpatient detox treatment program should be discussed thoroughly with the medical professionals at the detox center. If an individual’s risk of harmful withdrawal symptoms is low and the patient is resolute in stopping their drug abuse and/or is surrounded by a strong support network of family and friends then outpatient detox may be the best option. Outpatient detox is less expensive because one does not have to pay for room and board fees and outpatient detox gives patients a sense of freedom. Outpatient detox isn’t as disruptive to daily life as an inpatient detox treatment. Those undergoing an outpatient detox may even continue to work and enjoy their regular activities (barring drug use, of course). However, outpatient detox is not for the addict at risk for severe withdrawal symptoms or complications. Such people need constant medical supervision during the drug cleansing process and are not good candidates for outpatient detox. Those whose environments in their daily lives are toxic in nature are also not good candidates for outpatient detox. Outpatient detox may be to difficult, and even harmful to someone whose life is lonely or filled with toxic relationships with family or friends. If a patient was abusing drugs as a way of coping with a mental health issue outpatient detox may be a bad idea for these people as well. Individuals who participate in an outpatient detox program are still required to meet at the outpatient detox clinic regularly for therapy sessions and check-ups. Those undergoing outpatient detox treatment can still receive medications to help subdue withdrawal symptoms and curb drug cravings. Overall success rates for outpatient detox versus inpatient detox is still not as high, despite all of these factors that may seem beneficial. Those in an outpatient detox program still have an easier time obtaining drugs and relapsing. People doing outpatient detox are also at a higher risk for medical complications. Outpatient detox programs are simply not as safe as inpatient detox programs. Though outpatient detox treatments are cheaper and may seem less intimidating to patients, it is worth seriously considering choosing the inpatient detox option. Though not as attractive to some as outpatient detox treatments, there is better care, constant supervision, plenty of time to rest and activities to keep a patient’s mind off of drugs. Trying an outpatient detox treatment program is often better than doing nothing at all. Outpatient detox is certainly better than trying to detox on one’s own, at home. Outpatient detox is also better than going “cold turkey” or stopping the use of drugs completely without any other sorts of medications to help an addict through the withdrawal process. There is hope with outpatient detox treatments. A medical professional at a drug detoxification clinic should be able to help you decide if an outpatient detox program is best for you. Outpatient detox centers are in most areas and information can be found online or in your local phonebook. It is worth looking up a good drug detox clinic for one’s own sake and for the sake of the surrounding people. No good can ever come from a substance abuse problem. Using drugs or alcohol in inappropriate ways may help one feel better temporarily but it cannot make problems go away. Ultimately drug abuse will destroy the health and life of the user if that person refuses to seek out help. If you or someone you know has a substance abuse problem, start looking into outpatient detox programs or inpatient programs in your area. Outpatient detox can help addicts recover.