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Detox Center

Detox whether from alcohol or drugs, is the process of cleansing the body of remnants of the addiction and allowing the body to become accustomed to the lack of alcohol or drugs. Detoxification is generally supervised in a detox center. Detox Centers are facilities that are staffed with medically trained personnel to monitor the cessation of alcohol and drugs.

Why Do I Need a Detox Center?

Stopping alcohol or many drugs abruptly can throw the body into a state of shock. There are generally sever psychological effects such as intense cravings, using dreams and irritability. Worse, there are physical effects such as a drop in blood pressure, seizures or stroke. A detox center will monitor both the psychological and physical effects of withdrawal so that a patient can detox safely. The chances of a successful recovery also increase be using a detox center because the trauma and discouragement from detoxing without detox center supervision is minimized.

Detox Center Process

The detox process is best approached from many angles. The patient is first evaluated by a qualified medically trained counselor. Addiction to alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines such as valium or Xanax and methadone are particularly dangerous and must all be approached uniquely. Abruptly stopping any of these drugs and many others can result in severe side effects and even death.

Once evaluated for the type of drugs and/or alcohol consumed, a physician will prescribe medications to counteract the physical symptoms. Almost all detox centers and certainly any licensed detox center will have a doctor supervising symptoms and prescribing treatment as well as nurses and other highly trained medical personnel.

The detox process can last anywhere from three to thirty days, depending on the type of addiction. During this time, the patient is generally evaluated on many levels including commitment to sobriety, nutrition, body composition, other health problems, co-occurring psychological conditions and goals. From these evaluations, a detox center will prepare a comprehensive detox process that will aid the patient’s recovery.

An effective detox center may follow up with counseling, group therapy and self-help programs may lead to long term abstinence from drug and alcohol use. Sometimes, a detox center is just the first stage in recovery to be followed up by inpatient, outpatient or some other form of ongoing support.