Methadone Detoxification

Methadone is a very strong drug that is used to help people stop using heroin. It was used because methadone doesn’t have such a euphoric high as heroin does and it only needs to be swallowed not injected. Some people have found them self’s form an addiction to methadone and when ready they start a full methadone detox. Methadone detoxing has many symptoms, symptoms of methadone detox very from person to person. The symptoms can pan from just simple yawning to body aches. Symptoms usually kick in around 2 to 4 days. When doing a methadone detox you must be very careful about what is happening to your body. It’s a scary thought of having to go through horrible shaking and sweating however, when the detox is done you will be extremely happy.

Methadone Detoxification Methods

Methadone detoxing can last from 10 to 12 days, some detox clinics offer clonidine. This medication can help with inflamed nerves and can help lower the height of the symptoms of methadone detox.  Not everyone one needs to use clonidine because symptoms for one person aren’t going to be as extreme for everyone. When detoxing it is important to be in a clinic since they would be very well suited to help with the detox its self. Most clinics use hot blankets to help relive the symptoms of methadone detoxing. Also eating bland foods and having a couple aspirin can really help with different detox symptoms. Its not an easy road to take but it can be done and methadone detox is tough on your body and your mind. When a person completes a methadone detox, they can start to move forward with there life’s in a positive fulfilling way.

If you consider yourself addicted to methadone then it is best you consider getting the right help. If you currently are using then it is strongly urged that you go to a detox center and then make the transiting to an addiction treatment facility. There are many methadone detox clinics around if you want help there are many individuals out there ready to help.