How to Detox from Heroin

Why is heroin so addictive? Heroin can be so addictive because of the euphoric feeling it provides to users. When heroin enters the bloodstream the effects are almost immediate. The opiate causes the brain to release or heighten the amounts of certain chemicals in the brain that are normally only present in smaller quantities. When you are addicted to heroin and would like to become clean, the first step is to open up concerning the addiction and make the decision to enter into a heroin detoxification program. You may feel hopeless and that getting clean is impossible or that you have no control over your urge to use heroin. This is what makes finding proper help so important.

It is important to understand that heroin is so addictive that one can become hooked to the drug after one use. Many people try heroin believing that they are immune to addiction, or cannot become addicted after simply one use. What often starts as a recreational experiment becomes a substance abuse problem. No matter your situation, good or bad, you could become addicted to heroin. If you find yourself struggling with a heroin addiction, it may be time to learn how to detox from heroin.

Heroin Detoxing

Going to a drug detox center is usually the best decision if you are serious about undergoing a heroin detox. If you try to quit by yourself and you try to do it cold-turkey, then there are several factors which could be not only unsuccessful but fatal as well. If you stop using heroin abruptly, your body will start feeling the withdrawal effects within 24-48 hours and these can be agonizing. Medical professionals at a heroin detox center can administer medications to help you through the withdrawals while the drugs leave your system. The most prevalent types of withdrawal symptoms due to heroin addiction include perspiration, shaking, runny nose, insomnia, mood swings, hallucinations, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches, bone pain and even more. If you want to detox safely, then entering a heroin addiction detox program is generally agreed upon to be the best option. Because heroin use can be such a difficult habit to beat, it is much better to find a drug detoxification center with inpatient care. Long term residence facilities may be needed. Under the watchful eye of professionals and with the help and support of therapists and friends it is harder to relapse. It is important to sustain healthy eating throughout the heroin detox process. This cleanse procedure depletes your body. Healthy foods that are low in sugar are part of the diet plans of most heroin detox centers. Drinking plenty of water is essential as well. Heroin detoxing is a dehydrating process and it is easy to become dangerously low on electrolytes if you do not stay well hydrated.

There are outpatient care options for those who can’t or won’t consider an inpatient program. In these cases patients are provided with medicines to help suppress their cravings and the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. They are also required to travel to the clinic for continued therapy and counseling sessions before returning home again. These are generally not as effective because it is easier for the detox patient to obtain heroin. Amidst the pressures of an outpatient’s daily life, especially if one has no supportive friends or family around, relapsing is easier and then the detox process must begin again.
One more option for undergoing a heroin detox is to detox under anesthesia. Sedated detoxes are advertised as being faster, safer, and painless since the patient is unconscious for the withdrawal period. It is an appealing idea but this method still has its dangers. If you choose to undergo a heroin detox under anesthesia you are at a higher risk for serious complications such as heart or kidney failure. Being unconscious means that you can’t alert your doctors when you start to feel symptoms of withdrawal. Though it is marketed as fast and easy it does not mean that follow up therapy and counseling treatments can be forgone. It should also be noted that a heroin detox under anesthesia should always be performed in a hospital with medical professionals.

Heroin Detox Method

The actual heroin detox is only the first leg of the journey to recovery. Once your body is drug free deeper issues will continually need to be addressed. While some addicts became addicted unintentionally through recreational use, many more users rely on heroin as a crutch for problems plaguing their lives or relationships, or may be trying to self-medicate a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. Professionals working at detox clinics can help you work through whatever issues that are triggers for using drugs. They can also help teach you coping techniques and may recommend family therapy sessions. Finding friends and family to keep you accountable is also helpful or finding healthy outlets and support groups.

Detox centers are available in many areas but even if there isn’t one in your area it is worthwhile to travel to one with an inpatient center. There is no easy way to overcome a heroin addiction but with perseverance and the proper medical and emotional support it can be done. Heroin may provide short term relief but it is important to remember that the long term effects of heroin are always damaging and hurtful, not only to yourself but to others around you. There is help if you are ready to detox from heroin and take your life back. You simply need to reach out and take it. There are people who are ready and willing to help you. Search online for nearby detox centers, support groups that meet in your area, and there are even online support groups as well. Stay determined and safe and you can have a successful heroin detox experience.